Menlove Housing Development

A proposal to create a residential development consisting of a new 2-storey detached house fronting onto Menlove Avenue, with two 3-storey and 2-storey apartment blocks at the rear of the 0.24 hectare site in Woolton, Liverpool.

The proposed accommodation comprises 10 luxury 3 bedroom apartments with a private car park. Each apartment will have its own private balcony, providing private amenity space for its occupants. This development responds to and positively enhances the area by creating a high quality modern design solution, utilising a controlled palette of high quality materials which contributes to the image and character of the area. The proposal accounts for the great level differences in the topography of the site with apartment blocks of different scales and massing. 

LOCATION:  Liverpool

ArchiTeh Ltd. is a registered company in England and Wales – 09626691 

Registered address: Bridge Chapel Centre, Heath Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L19 4XR